Our success and company history.

We design and manufacture handmade high quality leather Greek sandals since 1940.

Our history

We create high quality handmade leather Greek sandals the past 80 years. The Pagonis family is evolving the craftsmanship of manufacturing the best Greek Sandals.

Our family believes that a pair of leather sandals is not just any other piece of someone’s outfit. It is a fashion statement. A pair of leather sandals is the best way to feature your personal style.

We are more than proud to present to you our family business, which thrives at the craftsmanship of leather sandals and has proven its timeless character.

“Pagonis” firm is dedicated to produce high quality leather sandals. Our experience of 80 years of fine craftsmanship is embodied to our ancient Greek style sandals.

We are the storytellers of a 3 generation-owned successful business. The journey of Pagonis family began on the island of Naxos in 1940. The shoemaking art was already running in the blood of the family since the previous century. After learning the secrets of leather and shoemaking from their uncles, Andrea and Manoli Diasiti, the three brothers of the Pagonis family started their own workshop. At first they supplied the local market in Naxos with handmade shoes whose notable and unique characteristics along with their high quality made them popular really soon.  The success led the Pagonis brothers to Athens in 1950, where they opened a modern shoe and leather goods factory, the “PAGONIS” Bros. Soon the Athenian crowd loved the Pagonis creations. After over 30 years of strong appearance on retail field, the brothers returned to Naxos in 1982 in order to open two retail shoe and leather goods as well as a workshop. The new era of the company was initiated by Kostas S. Pagonis, a member of the second generation of Pagonis family. Right now, the success story continues with the third generation with Eva and Stelios.

We design and manufacture handmade high quality leather ancient Greek sandals since 1940

Briefly, the love of Pagonis family about shoemaking and designing ancient Greek sandals can be described with just one word: Meraki. “Meraki” is a Greek word used to describe someone’s passion and absolute devotion of his/her work. The person leaves a piece of his/her soul and creativity into the work. That’s how the leather sandals are made. This is what distinguishes us in the retail market. Each handmade pair we produce reflects the hard work and the love we put into the creative process. We make raw materials come to life. In our hands leather transforms into a product that never goes out of style. Our shoes combine perfectly style and comfort.

The collection of the sandals that we carry has great variety. It appeals for all ages and tastes. Our handmade sandals range from everyday for a casual outfit to a pair of sandals ideal for a beach-wedding. Either you are looking for something comfortable with simple lines or even something more stylish and extravagant; we have the solution for you. Feel free to navigate to our e-shop ( and purchase your favorite pair or even better visit us in one of our shops in Naxos. We would love to meet you in person.

The Pagonis family has proven that ancient Greek sandals are classic and timeless. We haven’t stopped growing, evolving and maintaining our position on the market for 80 years. Keep in mind that, when you choose a pair of leather sandals from our company, the quality of the shoes is guaranteed. And your trust to our products means a world to us. We invite you to be part of our family history and share our vision.

The Pagonis Company invests in the interpersonal relationship with the clients and we are more than proud of that. Happy customers and long term trust endure us to continue growing and evolving our business. The main goal of Pagonis family is to preserve the tradition of the know-how of the leather sandals while maintaining the high quality of the products. The Pagonis Company will continue to be by your side and produce high quality ancient Greek sandals aiming always for the best.

Kostas. S. Pagonis


We convert raw materials into masterpieces.

Use the best materials, create unique design and always add passion to every creations. This is our family “secret” the last 80 years.

We want you to have the best possible Greek sandals. We want you to carry them from generation to generation, that is why we only use the best possible materials.


Quality Guarantee

We promise to use the best possible materials and keep the quality of or sandals in the highest level.

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